Our History

The Rotary Club of Cary-MacGregor was chartered in June 1991, becoming the fifth Rotary Club in Cary, North Carolina. It was the second luncheon club in Cary and meets on Wednesday at 12:30 p.m. at the MacGregor Downs Country Club.


The sponsoring Rotary club for the formation of Cary MacGregor was the Rotary Club of Cary, the first Rotary club founded in the town of Cary. There was much discussion about the possibility of founding a second luncheon club, and in the 1990-91 Rotary year efforts were initiated to form the fifth Rotary Club. Two Rotarians charged with the responsibility for forming the new club were Dick Ladd and Wythe Quarles.

While both Rotarians were instrumental in the formation of Cary-MacGregor, it was Wythe who took the primary role in helping the young club get organized. An organizational meeting was held at the MacGregor Downs Country Club in May 1991, and a series of additional orientation meetings were held over the next several weeks.

The official application for a charter for the Cary MacGregor club was filed with Rotary International on June 12, 1991. At the time of making its application for membership, the Cary-MacGregor club had the largest number of charter members of any club being formed in the history of District 7710. The Rotary Club of Cary-MacGregor was chartered with 46 members.

The Charter officers for the new club were K.A. “Sandy” McIver, Jr., President; Bob Branch, President-Elect; Nina Davis, Secretary; Bradley King, Treasurer; and Tracy Watson, Sergeant-at-Arms. Directors in the charter year were Gerry Burns, Gene DePorter, Dennis Hoyle, and Ron Smith.

The Club’s Charter Night was held June 26, 1991, at the MacGregor Downs Country Club with representatives of other clubs in Cary and throughout the district.

One of our charter members, Dorrie Williams, gives an interesting insight to those early years: “My most vivid recollection of those first couple of years was Wythe Quarles and his Rotary programs. His greeting was always a big hug and a kiss and there was always a story he wanted to tell. The smell of his pipe and the sound of his laugh meant Mr. Rotary was with us again. He worked so hard to teach us about Rotary and was a joy to have around. When we’d go ‘off track,’ he would patiently try to bring us back and tell us, once more, the Rotary way it was to be done. You see, we learned to stand up when the District Governor came to visit, we were instructed to give generously to the Rotary Foundation, and we heard over and over to recruit, recruit, recruit! ”


Another of our Charter Members and Past President, Larry Kingsley shared his thoughts about our beginnings: “Our first order was to get up to speed in Rotary protocol and learn the 4-Way Test. From the very first meeting, we had fun, and fun has continued to be a hallmark of our club. We decided that the Paul Harris award was something that our club would promote, and thus began our tradition of very generous contributions to the Rotary International Foundation.”

Bob Branch was our second year president and he, together with President-elect Ron Smith, worked to move the club from organizational stage toward strategic planning for the future. There was an emphasis on leadership training, and the club during Ron Smith’s term voted to send two people to PETS, the president-elect and the president-elect nominee. This allowed the club’s officers to be more directly involved in long range planning and club involvement.

The year 2000-2001 was our club’s 10th Anniversary, and it was a special year of accomplishments. Louis Gutierrez was our president, and Carol Allen was our District Governor, the first female District Governor in District 7710. Our club received the Presidential Citation for club accomplishments and made great progress in the avenues of service.

Charter Members

Carol Allen – Newspaper/Adv. Sales
Owen Andrews -Insurance/Multiple Line
Bob Basnight – Recreation: Athletic Equip.
Mark Berube – Electric Light & Power Service
Mark Bond – Beverage Distributor
Bob Branch – Banking/City Executive
Gerry Burns – Corporate Interior Designs
Don Cloninger – Optometrist
Nina Davis – Chamber of Commerce
Jerry Day – ChemicallDependent
Gene DePorter – Hospital Service Consultant
Ray Ferri – Advertising
Jim Few – Medical Office Development
Kay Field – Dentistry/General
Paul Folsom – Utilities Consultant
Brian Grabowski – Industrial Development
Dennis Hoyle – Civil Engineer
Jeff Inglhaut – Dentistry/Periodonist
Will Jansen – Hotel Reservations
Brad King – Grocery/Retail
Larry LaFreniere – DC Motor/Gear Mfg.
Glenn Lancaster – Pay Telephone Vending
Bruce Lawson – Banking/City Executive

Larry Kingsley – Real Estate/Commercial
Al Masella – Insurance/General
Curt McDuffee – Heavy Machinery Distributor
Sandy McIver – Banking/Commercial
David McKee – Certified Public Accountant
Dave Metzler – BakerylWholesale
Joe Parrish – Office Equipment Sales
Jeff Peterson – Fabrics/Retail
Marcia Pitts – Legal Assistant
Marion Rhew – Penal Systems Purch. Agent
Gary Roth – Dry Wall Installation
Bill Sears – Architect
Jean Smith – Real Estate
Ron Smith – Public Relations
Thomas Stephenson – Petroleum Distributor
Rich Stickle – Battery Distributor
Rich Styles – Marketing and Advertising
Bill Thompson – Investment Management
Arne Tune – Architect
C.B. Tyson – Trade Show Consultant
Tony Walton – BankinglLeasing
Tracy Watson – Chiropractor
Dorrie Williams – Computer Software Consultant

Past Presidents

1991-92 Sandy McIver
1992-93 Bob Branch
1993-94 Ron Smith
1994-95 Carol Allen
1995-96 Bob Basnight
1996-97 Will Jansen
1997-98 Larry Kingsley
1998-99 Bill Puckett
1999-00 Kenneth Ray
2000-01 Luis Gutierrez
2001-02 Ernie McAlister
2002-03 Jack Lancaster
2003-04 Patricia Fulghum
2004-05 Jane Demeritt
2005-06 Steve Glass


2006-07 Ward Peacock
2007-08 Linda Ward
2008-09 Jim Smith
2009-10 Tolga Erkmen
2010-11 Dennis Hoyle
2011-12 Scott Reynolds
2012-13 Donna Peffley
2013-14 Owen Robinson
2014-15 Victoria Kelly
2015-16 Jeff Peterson
2016-17 Dan Hawley
2017-18 Carolyn Kasdorf
2018-19 Patrick McCoy
2019-20 Denise Doyle
2020-21 Patrick Mackie
2021-22 Jakub Kreuter