We invite you to scroll down the page of some of our International Projects we’ve participated in, helped fund, or created on our own to give back to communities and people all over the world. This is the power of Rotary. For more information, or to participate in an International Project, please contact our 2019-2020 Chair, Nur Onvural by email


Communications Hub/Computer Lab: A dedicated and well-equipped communication hub/computer lab to provide InspireDR and non-affiliated students in the community with access to computers, internet, printers, training on software, graphic design, coding, career preparation, and more.

Facility Backup Generator: The importance of having reliable and consistent energy source to support student learning is essential to the community and InspireDR. Electricity blackouts often cause delays and cancellation of learning activities. Programs like InspireDR need a consistent energy source to operate its facility.

Water Filtration System: There is a constant need for clean/purified drinking water. A water filtration system will be a huge benefit to InspireDR in terms of health of the staff, students and volunteers as well as for the long-term cost savings to the program.

InspireDR Story
Inspire By Action, Inc. aka InspireDR is a USA based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization — — that leads a dynamic after-school program in the north coast beach town of Cabarete, Dominican Republic. Our mission is to educate, mentor and inspire underprivileged boys to become productive and responsible members of the community. We support boys on their journey to becoming positive men, husbands, and fathers. In 2015, we opened InspireDR because there were few options for boys to learn life skills and values and create job opportunities for themselves. We started with nine boys in a 375-sf space. Today, we work with 70+ energetic boys in a beautiful 3,400 sf space. We are capable of serving more. InspireDR is available free of charge to Dominicans and Haitians.

Lighting for Education & Health (LEH)

Completed 2019

This project provided critically needed sustainable solar powered systems for LED lighting in classrooms, dormitories and security lights outside the three educational facilities and health center for over 600 students. The LED lighting enhances learning and teaching experiences, and provide a safe and more efficient environment for students, teachers, school administrators and housekeeping staff.

Cary MacGregor Rotary Club couldn’t have done this without the help of All We Are, a local 501c3 non-profit founded by the Raleigh Midtown Rotary Club’s Past President, Nathan Thomas. All We Are has been operating in Kampala, Uganda for over nine years in partnership with Nateete Rotary Club through a program called “Empowering Students with Solar Power”. The project was funded through a Rotary District Grant process coordinated with local partnering clubs: Cary Rotary Club, Apex Sunrise Rotary Club, Cary-Page Rotary Club, Cary-Kildaire Rotary Club, and Wake Forest Rotary Club.

Provided the technical team and support for executing the installation of the equipment, and the training of the staff of the facilities to insure sustainability of the installed systems. As host clubs, the Rotary Club of Kabarole, the Rotary Club 21762, and District 9211 in Uganda worked with the community receiving the LEH equipment, Kaihura Village Kyenjojo District, Uganda, and the supporting organization, All We Are, to support the equipment installation and the training of the facility staffs.

Click here to download the full Lighting for Education & Health project background and results (PDF)

Pakistan Water Filtration Plants Project

Completed 2020

The 2020 NID Team to Pakistan participated in the opening ceremonies for 3 water filtration plants – one in Lahore and 2 at a school in Hyderabad (one on the boys side of the school and one on the girls side)!

Thanks to the generosity of the Cary MacGregor Rotary Club for our donation of $2,000. The total project was $15,000 – including contributions other Rotary Clubs/Rotarians. The two plants at the school in Hyderabad are currently being modified to extend water lines to the gates located on each side of the school grounds so that members of the community at large will have access to this water (in addition to the school children attending the school).

The people of Pakistan are very appreciative and provided signage to reflect our contribution. Enjoy the photos and we hope to continue spreading awareness of the reach and power Rotary has all over the world! Thank you to all who participated in this project.

Twin Club with Rotary Club of Koru-Ankara in Turkey

Completed 2019

Twin clubs, or sister clubs, are two clubs from different countries that form a long-term relationship to promote international understanding and goodwill and carry out service projects in their communities.